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American Heart Association (AHA) or American Red Cross (ARC) – Choosing Wisely

AHA or Red Cross CPR - choosing wisely

At the end of the day we want our world, our communities and our families to be safe, we want all citizens and professional providers to be trained in CPR and First Aid, this is good business for a safer world. The question is and will always remain how do I chose the appropriate training? Or, what CPR certification class or First Aid training meets my needs and achieves my goals? Rather than dissect and differentiate the AHA certification or the ARC training; or attempt trying to decide who has the better program, or who’s association has more credentials or experienced staff. Let us look at how you, as a consumer, make the decision to enroll and complete a CPR Certification and First Aid course.

The following steps are offered as helpful guidelines to your decision-making process:

  • Why are you taking the CPR Training or First Aid Class? Are you an EMT, Student in a Nursing or Allied Health Program, or a Nanny, Teacher, Scout Leader? First determine your motivation or goals for obtaining your certificate.

  • Next determine if your certification will be acceptable at your job or school; will it meet the needs of any organization you may work for? Take the right class for the right reason, time is precious. Speak with your HR professional at your place of employment if you are not sure. Choose wisely.

  • Choose a CPR Training Group that teaches a comprehensive portfolio of AHA or ARC classes and trainings, your class should be conveniently located for you, and offer a robust listing of days, dates, and times convenient for your busy life. Does this organization offer other resources for your continued success; like safety products, blog articles or first aid supplies? Does the CPR class expand your learning and confidence, do they give you access to instructors after the course, newsletters, and literature?

  • We live in a digital world! Pick a training center that has user friendly on-line enrollment and course registration. Research your Social Media outlets to find out what providers are saying about this business. Use the provided website to search the FAQ, course cost, and course location. The Instructors? How well ranked are they in the Google index?

  • Once you determine your source of CPR Training, complete the class and if they meet or exceeded your expectation, stay loyal, follow them on Social Media; watch for helpful articles and review/refresher classes. CPR Classes and First Aid Trainings are a perishable certificate. Those cards need to be renewed on a regular basis. It is also good to stay fresh, keep current, keep positive and get better every day.

All the CPR Certification classes currently taught around the globe are following the Gold Standards set by the AHA. CPR and First Aid protocols in any curriculum are universal and remain consistent, the scientific and clinical approach used by the American Heart Association sets the bar high and translates well into the classroom and student experience. The AHA Trainings are rigorously reviewed by the merits of evidence-based data, and best practices for patients and the consumer.

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