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To our students the answer is yes: CPR Certification Solutions, LLC is open for business and during the Covid -19 Pandemic we will be focused solely on teaching the American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Provider courses. This is the required certification of all essential personnel to maintain their working status in hospitals, EMS agencies and clinical settings.

Our goals during the Covid -19 Pandemic:

  • To keep essential medical personnel trained and confident in their BLS skills.

  • To preserve community resources by reducing the chance of viral transmission.

  • To keep our students and instructors safe.

CPR Courses during Covid-19

Why are we only teaching BLS courses: As of March 10th 2020 all EMS and Health Care Providers are considered essential personnel statewide in New Jersey. This directive offers our talented Instructors the opportunity to meet the call, and focus on helping these essential professionals perform their jobs of keeping the world moving forward, safely.

Over the past two weeks we have taken many questions regarding the current Pandemic with regard to our CPR class status. CPR Certification Solutions (CCS) is experiencing an unprecedented change on two major fronts; first is a viral pandemic and all that accompanies this global health crisis (business decisions, quarantine, public space, worries and economic uncertainties). The second is the decision for our company to only market and teach the BLS for Healthcare Provider course, if this AHA certification lapses essential Healthcare Providers cannot return to work, further depleting our resources to combat this deadly virus. These classes are to be instructed with 2-3 students max.

American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) and AHA Heartsaver courses will be suspended at least until April 15th 2020 to preserve our communities resources and reduce the risk of viral transmission between human beings.

Do not worry about your previously scheduled CPR course with CPR Certification Solutions: if you are currently scheduled in an ASHI or Heartsaver course these courses will take place on the scheduled date and time. In the event that you are uncomfortable with your currently scheduled course, you can reschedule to a later date at no additional money fee.

Updated classroom requirements to keep everyone more comfortable and safer during this uncertain time:

  • All BLS classes will be scheduled with only 2-3 students

  • New lungs will be placed into the manikin at the start of each class

  • Students will be provided vinyl gloves for use during any portion the course

  • CCS Instructors will use and promote the use of surface disinfectants

  • CCS Instructors will use and promote the use of hand sanitizer (at least 70% alcohol)

  • CCS Instructors will keep tissue available for themselves and their students during the class

  • CCS Instructors will be conscious of manikin spacing in the rooms and create as much space between each student as possible

  • Each student will receive their own pocket mask and valve

Please continue to follow the CPR Certification BLOG and Website in the upcoming days for announcements regarding our commitment to the safety of our students, instructors and the protection of our communities. Visit CPR Training Centers that span most of the state of NJ and portions of NY and PA. We are confident that our students will continue to go forth safely and confidently ready for their roles as essential personnel in these unprecedented times. Thank you

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