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CPR trainings and First Aid classes help make communities healthier and safer to work and live in

CPR Training

We all watch drama or action on TV or streaming videos about EMS, Police, Fire and medical emergencies. We do this from the comfort and privacy of our homes, apartments and dormitory rooms. Every person watching can identify with that scene; its fast paced, dramatic and some civilian hero always show up to perform life-saving measures until the ambulance arrives. We all want to help; we all want to have first aid skills and CPR training to be a part of that solution.

The good news is that CPR Training and First Aid classes are accessible and available to everyone ( willing to spend a few hours; and a few dollars to experience how convenient and easy it is to learn how to save a life. Some quality time spent out of your busy day to learn and practice in a CPR training class will make the difference in your life and the lives of others.

Top 3 Reasons to take a First Aid Class and CPR Training:

  1. CPR Certification Solutions offers convenient locations and an easy on-line registration.

  2. Taking a CPR and First Aid Training is good for your community.

  3. Being prepared for an emergency offers you peace of mind and the ability to act in an emergency

Imagine being in a First Aid class and learning how to identify a life-threatening problem, how to help an injured child or perform the abdominal thrust on a choking adult. These events happen and many people freeze or hope someone else can provide care. A simple CPR training or First Aid class will make the difference in how you react. The questions remain; how many people take the necessary steps to act and learn these simple and highly effective life saving skills? How many friends do you know who have explored a CPR training or a First Aid class? How would you know how to save a life and provide first aid skills to help a friend, family member or neighbor unless you took a CPR class?

The good news is there is a convenient way to learn and easy to register for CPR and First Aid classes. These CPR and First Aid classes are required for professional first responders or healthcare providers, that’s a good thing. Classes in CPR and First Aid are also taught to the lay person; aka the Good Samaritan, common citizens like you and your neighbor. CPR Certification Solutions, LLC offers a wide variety of CPR training and First Aid classes in the tri-state area. Learning these simple life saving skills can and will make a difference in how we can help.

By Neil Tucker

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