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Sean founded CPR Certifications Solutions (CCS) in September of 2015.  Sean holds a BS in Pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. Prior to founding CCS, Sean had over 20 years of experience in retail pharmacy and patient care. In just 3 years, Sean has raised the bar in the CPR training industry and has guided CCS to become one of the highest rated CPR companies in the United States. Sean strives to ensure that each instructor and  student has a positive learning experience and believes that everyone should get better at first aid and life-saving CPR techniques each time they practice.

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Donald took his first BLS course after experiencing a traumatic life-threatening situation at a local restaurant where one of the patrons stood up from the bar, immediately turned around and looked right at Donald and mouthed the words, "I CANT BREATHE."  Not long after this life-changing experience, Donald joined CPR Certification Solutions (CCS) and is presently a 5 star rated CPR instructor.

Donald has a background in alternative energy solutions and information technology (IT) training and business process improvement. Joining the CCS team has allowed Donald to expand on his training background and dedicate his career to teaching others life saving techniques. In addition to CPR instruction, Donald is the primary liaison for corporate clients who are interested in integrating CPR/AED training into team building initiatives.

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Neil is an accomplished health educator, business leader, and an AHA Instructor who specializes in teaching and training first responders in a variety of programs. He is a volunteer EMT with Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad and a key opinion leader in a variety of EMS wellness and self-defense topics. When not teaching CPR and First Aid he is promoting a series of on-line health education programs and presenting seminars in stress management, tai chi and qigong. Neil and his wife live in Ewing and have three adult children, two rescue dogs and a cat. His educational mission is to teach individuals to be prepared in body, mind and spirit so their communities can feel safe and thrive.




With a lifelong devotion to physical fitness and wellness, Lisa's passion for overall health & wellness lead her to become a BLS certified instructor. After 30 plus years in retail management, Lisa decided to take her motivational leadership & people skills into the classroom to spread the word on what she truly loves: impacting & motivating people in a positive way. With a friendly & easy going attitude, Lisa is able to convey extensive knowledge with ease, ensuring that everyone who comes out of one of her classes is prepared & fully knowledgeable in helping others when it counts the most.

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INSTRUCTOR | BS Criminal Justice, USCG, Sora Certified

Vinny was initially hired as a police officer but had decided to enter the restaurant hospitality industry right before he was to start with the police force. He found a love for the business and in 33 years owned 4 separate locations and 2 catering halls. Unfortunately, due to a lifechanging incident, he had to switch direction.


He became a United States Coast Guard Captain and as faith would have it, while he was training , he realized that he had a passion for assisting and helping others in being a first responder due in no small part that he performed 3 separate lifesaving incidents while he owned his prior businesses. It was his love of dealing with people and being able to use his past experiences to make people feel comfortable while instructing them in all that is needed for people to help others in similar situations. He is an avid sportsman and outdoorsman and loves sharing his knowledge of his experiences in all his previous endeavors and applying them to his current position with CPR Certification Solutions.


He has a passion and a desire to ensure that what he teaches can possibly alter the outcome of a potential emergency, all the while making the courses interesting ,engaging and fulfilling. 




Bonnie took her first CPR course to fulfill requirements as a Registered Pharmacist now licensed to administer injections with the roll-out of COVID vaccines. Her strong interest in the healthcare field can best be described throughout her 26-year career at Merck holding numerous positions including domestic and international assignments in both manufacturing and global marketing.


Bonnie continued to gain business experience as a golf apparel partner linked to her love of golf and fitness, followed by a recent career as a Real Estate agent. 


Bonnie’s successes in all businesses over the past 40 years are based on strong people skills and enthusiasm to help individuals while providing them with confidence and trust in her professional abilities.  


Endless energy and enthusiasm describe her approach to life.  Taking a course with Bonnie may just take your breath away, but you will be well equipped to give the life-saving breaths to those in need of CPR when you finish!




Manages the day-to-day needs of CPR Certification Solutions team to ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction, adherence to standard operating procedures, and high-efficiency completion of tasks.

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