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How To Save Someone's Life Who is Unresponsive and Breathing!

In a basic rescue there are 3 scenarios that can happen when a person collapses and you are the first person on the scene.

1) Unresponsive and No Breathing or Gasping - Activate EMS & Start CPR

2) Unresponsive and Breathing - Activate EMS & Find the Problem

3) Responsive - Get Consent before you help! This video is how to properly asssit someone who does not wake up but is still breathing normally.

As rescuers you need to FIND THE PROBLEM by looking for 3 things after you call 911 and get the AED (Automated External Difibrilator).

1) Continue to Monitor the Person's Breathing

2) Look for - Obvious Signs of Injury or Trauma (Bleeding, Bruising, Broken Bones, Burns, Bug Bites or Bee Stings)

3) Look for - Medical Identification Information (Jewelry - Bracelettes or Necklaces, Tatoo's or Smart Devices (Smart Watch or Smart Phone)

Once you've identified the problem you need to relay that information to whoever's on the phone with EMS or 911. Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoyed this video. Special thanks to Life With Joy for a wonderful First Aid class! - The CPR Certification Solutions Digital Team

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