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Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Group Training Near Edison New Jersey

CPR Certification Group Training for the Center for Enhancing Abilities

Adha from the Center for Enhancing Abilities recently hired my company, CPR Certification Solutions, to train their staff at their new location in Edison NJ. The team learned the proper way to do CPR and use an AED in case of an emergency. I Instructed the American Heart Association’s Heartsaver First Aid CPR & AED course.

The energy and enthusiasm that the staff provided back to me while learning CPR was an infectious situation. It was a pleasure to work with professionals who wanted to learn, grow and know how to save someone’s life. Having worked with Neeta Das (Owner) in the past, I expected nothing less. Her dedication to the community and to give adults with developmental disabilities a better life has touched my heart in many ways. Neeta’s passion for helping others has clearly filtered down to her team.

Thank you, Neeta, Adha, Priyank and the rest of the staff at the Center for Enhancing Abilities for being such wonderful students. I’m really looking forward to coming back in two years for your CPR recertification class!

I encourage a call to action for the companies who work with the New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities to keep you AHA CPR/AED certifications current. According to the CDC the leading cause of death for adults with disabilities is heart disease. If you would like to learn CPR and train your staff the correct way to save someone’s life in an easy-to-learn, team building format schedule your CPR/AED Group training today with CPR Certification Solutions.

Don’t forget if you don’t have an AED yet we offer a discount of $100.00 to all groups who take the class with us! Thanks to all who attended the class!

Donald Houghtaling

AHA Certified Instructor

(813) 644-0442

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