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The Best Chance of Survival. Today’s American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for Delivering Adul

American Heart Association CPR CLASSES

The AHA revises their course material and the way their instructors teach their CPR/AED courses every five years. The new guidelines come out in 2020. Here are the guidelines today.

If you are alone and come upon an adult who is unconscious, and/or you witness an adult collapse and does not wake up when you tap and shout at them, here is what the American Heart Association says you should do to provide the individual the best chance of survival:

1.Immediately activate the emergency response system and get an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

(Do not waste time checking to see if the victim is breathing or if they have a pulse, if an AED is used on an adult in the first 60 seconds of cardiac arrest the survival rate is 90%).

2.Once you return with the AED simultaneously check the victim for the presence of breathing and pulse for at least five seconds but no more than ten seconds.

3.If there is no pulse and no breathing turn on the AED and follow the AED prompts.

4.If the AED recommends the delivery of a shock, press the flashing button on the AED.

5.If the victims pulse and breathing are not restored by the shock of the AED, begin chest compressions and giving breaths to the victim at a ratio of 30:2 at rate of 100-120 compressions a minute (breaths are delivered over one second with a one second pause in between).

6.Continue to follow the AED prompts.


American Heart Association

American Heart Association CPR Classes

AHA CPR Classes NJ

American Heart Association CPR Classes NJ

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