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Water safety: Protect your child from drowning

water safety

Water is fun for children to play in, children are drawn towards it, and it is a quick escapade from the burning heat of the summer. But it is necessary to take proper measures before letting children play in the pools; here is what you can do to ensure children’s security while enjoying near a pool.


Do not let the children near water without adult supervision. Adults can take turns to keep a watch at the children, relying on water rings and air-tubes is not a good idea. Make sure that the children under 4 years of age are supervised at an arm’s distance. Parents could learn CPR training to react proactively if faced by such situations.

Separate your home and pool

Install fence at least 4 feet tall around the pool, separating it from your home, this reduces the chances of your child to slip of fall in the pool.

Blocking access to pool

A safety cover is readily available in the market, and is used to cover up the pools when they are not in used, it is advised that all possible entries to the pool are blocked, and the inflatable pools are emptied completely so no child faces the danger of falling in.

It is important to let your child know that water is dangerous and that they should not enter pools without supervision. You should encourage them to learn to swim, but that does not mean that you would allow them in the pool unsupervised. It is recommended to learn to perform CPR from the certified CPR training providers. In the unfortunate case of drowning you could use this CPR training and safe life, or at least enhance chances of survival.

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