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The Skills Your Teen Needs to Become a Lifeguard this Summer

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The Skills Your Teen Needs to Become a Lifeguard this Summer

The weather is getting warmer and the end of the school year is almost in sight! This is when your high school or college teen starts thinking about what they are going to do this summer. You encourage them to get a job - you don’t want them to spend the summer playing video games and coming to you for money each time they want to go out with their friends! You suggest a job at the mall; they of course don’t want to spend the summer indoors! You offer up waiting tables; they say it’s too hard! Finally, you both come up with the perfect compromise; LIFEGUARDING! Becoming a lifeguard combines the best of both worlds; they get to enjoy being out in the sunshine while you get to enjoy them being on someone else’s payroll instead of yours! Here’s the perfect way to help your teen prepare for a very rewarding summer job…

ABC - Always Be Certified

The United States Lifeguard Standards Coalition (USLSC) set the necessary standards for certification and employment as a lifeguard in the United States. The goal of a uniform set of training standards is to increase the lifeguard’s ability to prevent injuries and death and hold all certified lifeguards to the same standard. All lifeguards must obtain an AHA CPR/AED certification as well as an AHA First Aid certification so that they can manage any scenario that comes their way; whether it be the expected drowning emergency or something unexpected such as a seizure or sudden cardiac arrest. By enrolling your teen in an American Heart Association accredited First Aid certification course and CPR/AED certification course, you are ensuring that they are prepared for any emergency that comes their way.

Where to Look

Once your teen has taken the appropriate CPR certification classes, whether at a set location or a blended option course, it’s time to start creating a resume. Make sure to include all swimming and prior work experience, dates available and, most importantly, that your teen is already prepared with the necessary CPR certifications. Have your teen do the leg work! They should research online all local town pools as well as private swim clubs. Have them learn responsibility starting at square one in the job search. Once they have scouted out potential opportunities, practice writing emails to send to prospective employers. In addition to working as a lifeguard at the pool, your teen may also like to seek out opportunities to teach private swimming lessons for children either at a private home or within their workplace.

You Got the Job!

After your teen has secured employment, it’s important that they know that the hard part has only just begun! Becoming a lifeguard is no joke! They are responsible for keeping everyone safe, whether inside the pool or around it. Being prepared and confident is the best way to enjoy each day at work. Being a lifeguard is not just about getting a tan or looking cute with a whistle, it comes with a lot of responsibility but this is one job where your teen really CAN mix business with pleasure!

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