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AHA Blended Learning courses combine the flexibility of online training with in person skills practice and testing. 
Upon successful CPR training completion each participant shall receive a course completion card valid for 2 years, issued by the American Heart Association.

AHA Blended Learning courses include an online portion (part 1/video) and a hands-on session (part 2/practice and part 3/skills testing).  The online portion provides the flexibility of completing training at your own pace, either at work, home, or wherever you have Internet access. The hands-on portion includes a skills practice and testing session conducted by certified AHA CPR training instructors.  


This method of certification is considered a live/in-person certification.


The video portion for all part 1 Blended Learning courses are directly purchased through the AHA.

The cost of the videos range from $25.50-$44.00 and is based on your course selection.




The practice portion of Blend Learning is the opportunity to practice the information learned in the video (part 1) with the manikin and the AED. The cost of the practice session is included in part 3 of the course.




The Skills Testing Session is a live demonstration of the psychomotor components and sequence of life saving skills learned in the video without the assistance of the instructor. 

The cost of the Skills Testing Session is $59.99

From Our Client Leah Hodgson Review:

Would recommend this course to everyone, regardless of whether or not you're in the healthcare field because you never know when you might be in a situation where you'll need it.
I did the hybrid course which allowed me to complete a bulk of the course online at a time that was convenient for my schedule (you can save your progress and come back to it, too) and then you have an abundant amount of time (up to 2 years) to schedule a quick, 1 hour max in-person skills session where you simply go over the pertinent skills/facts again (low-stress, the written exam is done online at your leisure for those who are nervous test-takers, and it is very straight-forward with no time limit) and this is also helpful to reinforce your understanding of the concepts.
This information is, in my opinion, essential and attainable for everyone to know, and if you're thinking about it I encourage you to take the plunge!
The instructor at the Bedminster site was very welcoming and informative, and she reviewed the information in an approachable manner that would make it easy to grasp even if you don't know the first thing about the medical field or human anatomy.
At the end of the in-person skills session you will feel comfortable and confident in your knowledge and ability to put these skills into practice if you were ever to find yourself in circumstances that demand it.
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